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I started reading Paper Girls when I heard there was a show coming out in a few weeks. I had it on my list of comics to read for a while. Really enjoying it so far.

The iPhone Lock Screen Is Poised for an Upgrade With iOS 16

Mark Gurman writing for Bloomberg That’s probably going to change with iOS 16 and the iPhone 14. Apple is planning major enhancements for the lock screen, including wallpapers that have widget-like capabilities. Further, I’m told iOS 16 builds in future support for an always-on lock screen, something Apple was originally planning for last year’s iPhone 13. This would allow the iPhone to turn down the frame rate significantly on the lock screen and display quickly glanceable information—similar to newer Apple Watches.

There’s a big problem with Apple and Google’s plans to nix passwords

Jared Newman writing for Fast Company (Apple News) FIDO’s current proposal has no mechanism for bulk-transferring passkeys between ecosystems. If you want to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone—or vice versa—you won’t be able to easily move all your passkeys over. And FIDO does plan to let users copy passkeys one at a time, so if you create an account with an iPhone and want to login on a Windows PC, Microsoft can create its own passkey for that service once you’ve authenticated through your phone.

Opinion | The Ford government is destroying this province. Save Ontario, vote.

Lorraine Sommerfeld writing for The Hamilton Spectator Our healthcare system is in crisis, yet, somehow the answer to all that ails us, is more highways. Doug Ford has a bizarre fixation on everything automobile, yet his interest has hardly translated into anything meaningful. He forgave the ETR 407 a billion dollars in penalties. And by cancelling two years of plate renewals, he handed back over $2 billion and has yet to tell us where he will find the missing billion dollars a year it generates going forward.

Google Messages RCS is being abused for ads in India

These ads are not harmless, either, with many of the examples we’ve seen being for personal loans, a category that tends to be full of predatory practices. One user reports that they were sent one of these ads on a phone that didn’t even have an active SIM card in it. Not ideal to say the least. Apparently one of the only ways to stop getting these messages entirely is to turn off RCS.

Apple, Google, and Microsoft want to kill the password with “Passkey” standard

The standard is being called either a “multi-device FIDO credential” or just a “passkey.” Instead of a long string of characters, this new scheme would have the app or website you’re logging in to push a request to your phone for authentication. From there, you’d need to unlock the phone, authenticate with some kind of pin or biometric, and then you’re on your way. This sounds fantastic. I want to learn more about the implementation details though.

Posting with iOS Shortcuts

I came up with a shortcut that lets me post to this blog quickly from my phone. I didn’t want it to be too involved, with a lot of prompts for tags and categories, etc… more like posting to Twitter. One thing I wanted to be able to do was include hashtags in the post and have those be automatically converted into Hugo tags, ideally clickable within the post too.

I think I have this quick post shortcut where I want it. Titleless doesn’t really work with Hugo, so I’ve settled on a timestamp format I think I’m happy with.

2022 Mac Studio (20-core M1 Ultra) Review

Now we see that the Mac Studio shot up to just over 180 GFlops performance on 16 cores (using only performance cores), over twice the performance that the 2019 Mac Pro reached with 28 cores. What’s more, the slope of the performance curve is dramatically different. Whereas the 2019 Mac Pro labored to add additional performance past about 14 cores, the Mac Studio shows very little fall off, indicating that the 16 cores had plenty of bandwidth for memory access and parallel communication without competing with each other very much.

Elon Musk Agrees to Buy Twitter in $44 Billion Deal

Mr. Musk’s proposed changes for the platform include softening its stance on content moderation, creating an edit feature for tweets, making Twitter’s algorithm open source—which would allow people outside the company to view it and suggest changes—and relying less on advertising, among other ideas. Well, there goes the neighbourhood. source (Apple News)

Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

Microsoft is acquiring Activision, the troubled publisher of Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Diablo. The deal will value Activision at $68.7 billion, far in excess of the $26 billion Microsoft paid to acquire LinkedIn in 2016. It’s Microsoft’s biggest push into gaming, and the company says it will be the “third-largest gaming company by revenue, behind Tencent and Sony” once the deal closes. source

After ruining Android messaging, Google says iMessage is too powerful

Having Google give other companies advice on a messaging strategy is a laughable idea though, since Google probably has the least credibility of any tech company when it comes to messaging services. If the company really wants to do something about iMessage, it should try competing with it. As we recently detailed in a 25,000-word article, Google’s messaging history is one of constant product startups and shutdowns. Thanks to a lack of product focus or any kind of top-down mandate from Google’s CEO, no division is really “in charge” of messaging.

Apple's ad privacy change impact shows the power it wields over other industries

86% of iOS devices are running a recent enough version of the software to be presented with ATT prompts, according to an October report from AppsFlyer. Of the people who see the pop-up, 38% are opting-in, and 62% are opting-out. Overwhelmingly people do not want to be tracked online for the chance of “personalized” ads. source (Apple News)