Elon Musk’s X botched an attempt to replace “twitter.com” links with “x.com”

Jon Brodkin writing for Ars Technica Security reporter Brian Krebs called the move “a gift to phishers” in an article yesterday. It was a phishing risk because scammers could register a domain name like “netflitwitter.com,” which would appear as “netflix.com” in posts on X, but clicking the link would take a user to netflitwitter.com. This is something you’d expect from a high school computer science assignment, not a company that’s supposed to be worth $44 billion.

Facebook Notifications

I have Facebook notifications set to deliver in the scheduled summary. It’s worked fine for a long time, but now all of a sudden I’m getting these notifications each day. These are not time sensitive Facebook. Needless to say I’ve disabled Facebook’s ability to send me “time sensitive” notifications.

Destiny 2 is getting a surprise new subclass and a lot more in The Final Shape

Ryan Gilliam writing at Polygon: The star of the trailer is the new Prismatic subclass, which allows players to combine all of the other game’s subclasses into one. Bungie calls this an “advanced” subclass, and it looks like it’ll offer an entirely new way to play. Prismatic Guardians even gain the ability to use a super-powered grenade that combines darkness and light together. Other subclasses will be getting grenades as well that combine elements: stasis and void for Warlocks; strand and arc for Titans; and solar and statis for Hunters.

The #eclipse was pretty amazing. Completely overcast, but when totality happened, everything went dark, like all of a sudden it was the middle of the night. At the horizon it looked like sunset.

My family and I ate a reasonable amount of chocolate this weekend, which is to say a copious amount!

Once More With Feeling: Banning TikTok Doesn’t Do Much If We Don’t Regulate Data Brokers And Pass A Privacy Law

Karl Bode writing for TechDirt You could ban TikTok with a patriotic flourish from the heavens immediately, but if we fail to regulate data brokers, pass a privacy law, or combat corruption, Chinese (or Russian, or Iranian) intelligence can simply turn around and buy that same data (and detailed profiles of American consumers) from an unlimited parade of different data brokers, telecoms, app makers, marketing companies, or services. Amen!

I hate daylight saving time…

LastPass Rip-Off Named ‘LassPass’ Made It Into the App Store

John Gruber writing over at Daring Fireball But what’s the counterargument? That anything short of 100 percent accuracy at flagging scams and rip-offs renders the entire App Store review process pointless? That if, say, 1 in every 1,000 scam attempts slips through, the entire process should be scrapped? That argument can’t be taken seriously. Best take I’ve seen on this whole situation.

YouTube says a Vision Pro app is ‘on the roadmap’

Nilay Patel writing for The Verge This of course follows YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix all declining to allow their iPad apps to run on the Vision Pro before launch — and the last time we asked, there was no mention of a proper visionOS YouTube app coming in the future, so something’s changed in Mountain View. (One theory: the immediate popularity of Christian Selig’s Juno app for YouTube on the Vision Pro.

Looking forward to the time when I have to explain to my in-laws that in order to install that app that they want on their iPhone they’ll have to download and sign up for the Facebook App Store, oh, but not that Facebook App Store, that’s a fake one. But this is all good and better because it’s more open now and you have more choice. Yes, you’ll have to give your credit card information to the Facebook App Store before you can download that free app.

Language Is a Poor Heuristic for Intelligence

Great post by Karawynn Long on LLMs and language as a sign of intelligence over on their Nine Lives newsletter. Everyone should definitely read it, but here’s a few of my favourite quotes: “Language skill indicates intelligence,” and its logical inverse, “lack of language skill indicates non-intelligence,” is a common heuristic with a long history. It is also a terrible one, inaccurate in a way that ruinously injures disabled people. Now, with recent advances in computing technology, we’re watching this heuristic fail in ways that will harm almost everyone.

This just seems dumb to me, but I guess to each their own.

'Most sophisticated' iPhone attack chain 'ever seen' used four 0-days to create a 0-click exploit - 9to5Mac

Over at 9to5Mac But interestingly, Larin, Bezvershenko, and Kucherin note there is a mystery remaining when it comes to CVE-2023-38606 that they’d like help with. Specifically, it’s not clear how attackers would have known about the hidden hardware feature: We are publishing the technical details, so that other iOS security researchers can confirm our findings and come up with possible explanations of how the attackers learned about this hardware feature.

We finished the first season of The Wheel of Time and have started working our way through the second. I really like it, hopefully there’s a third season coming.

Beeper is giving up on its iMessage dream

Emma Roth writing for The Verge What started as a simple app download in Beeper Mini has become an increasingly complex process for Beeper users, and its latest fix seems like its most desperate attempt yet: Beeper wants users to own or rent a jailbroken iPhone, along with having a Mac or Linux computer. I think it’s safe to say Beeper Mini is no more.

Some things I think Apple’s new Journal app needs: macOS and iPadOS support - the iPhone is fine for short, quick entries, but I want to be able to use a keyboard for those longer entries. Weather information - I like capturing the weather with my entires, temperature, conditions, they just add a bit to the memory. Export capabilities - Some way of getting the entries out of the app. Even something as basic as save to PDF would be enough for me.