Roll for initiative - Mastodon

Lesley Carhart :unverified: @hacks4pancakes@infosec.exchange I don’t know who to credit for this because it’s been stolen so much, but I love it. 6:05 PM • June 15, 2024 (UTC)

Never Pirated Anything - Mastodon

melanie kat @zicklepop@nyan.lol i've never pirated anything in my life, i've just been using publicly accessible data from the internet. 3:20 PM • June 13, 2024 (UTC)

Google Sandbox: Online tracking instead of privacy

From for noyb: With its Privacy Sandbox, Google wants to take full control over the analysis of the online behaviour of its users: Chrome now tracks every website you visit to generate a list of advertising topics. These include “Student Loans & College Financing”, “Undergarments” or “Parenting”, “Jobs & Education” and “Finance/Credit & Lending/Credit Reporting & Monitoring”. Advertisers then receive this information from the Chrome browser. If you’re still using Chrome at this point, I don’t know what to tell you…

LLMs are like rocks - Mastodon

Esther is doing statistics @esther@strangeobject.space I get the feeling that part of the “AI” proponents strategy is to keep making absolutely nonsensical claims like “LLMs will soon be able to self-improve and surpass human intelligence” until everyone who could form a coherent rebuttal to them gives up in exhaustion, leaving the space to them pushing their bullshit. It’s as if someone claimed that rocks will soon he able to out-perform humans at cycling, and “prove” it by showing a rock rolling down a hill faster than a cyclist.

35th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square - Mastodon

Steve Herman @w7voa@journa.host June 4th marks the 35th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, in which the PLA killed hundreds, possibly thousands of civilians, stamping out weeks of protests in the heart of China’s capital. The government still suppresses mention and memorializing of the 1989 killings in Beijing. https://www.rfa.org/english/cartoons/tiananmen-35-years-later-05312024152814.html #六四 #天安門 #天安门 10:22 AM • June 4, 2024 (UTC)

Over supply services - Mastodon

Simon McGarr @Tupp_ed@mastodon.ie As a general rule, the state should over-supply services. There should be slack in the system almost all the time. Relaxed GPs with lots of time to talk to their patients. So many teachers that the main trouble is finding rooms for them all. Not only does this see a better quality of service mostly, but it also cushions the system in the event of an unexpected shock.

YouTube quietly disables dreadful Apple TV screensaver feature that shouldn't have been there in the first place

Daryl Baxter writing for iMore This change isn’t the type of update that was released through the App Store — instead, it looks to be a server-side update. This means that YouTube essentially sent an updated command to its Apple TV app so it could stop playing its screensavers automatically. Good riddance!

Spotify’s Car Things to Be Rebranded as Car Bricks

From Daring Fireball: No word in Spotify’s Car Thing bricking FAQ about when they’re dropping support for Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. Oh, that’s right, they never supported any music services other than their own, despite having spent the last decade petitioning their home-turf European Commission to secure unfettered pay-no-commission access to platforms created by Apple and Google. I agree with everything Gruber’s saying in this piece.

Google AI and glue on pizza - Mastodon

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮 @gamingonlinux@mastodon.social Google AI is a hot sticky mess. Now they're telling people to add glue to pizza, as it took a shitpost from Reddit. Credit: https://www.threads.net/@petergyang/post/C7S6fzINqZj 9:57 AM • May 23, 2024 (UTC)

Late stage capitalism and OpenAI - Mastodon

Peter Cohen @flargh@mastodon.social There's a "late capitalism is awful" point to be made about Scarlett Johansson being the actual spokesperson for Feeding America, a legit non-profit focused on food insecurity in the United States. Contrasting with OpenAI - a business that pivoted from being a non-profit to the absolute worst example of sociopathic Silicon Valley tech bro overreach. I'm not clever enough and far too burned out these days to put the pieces together into a coherent narrative beyond, "Burn it all.

Microsoft Recall blocks DRM content - Mastodon

JP @daedalus@eigenmagic.net The fact that Microsoft's new Recall thing won't capture DRM content means the engineers do understand the risk of logging everything. They just chose to preference the interests of corporates and money over people, deliberately. 8:50 PM • May 21, 2024 (UTC)

Inside Microsoft’s mission to take down the MacBook Air

Tom Warren writing for The Verge Over the past two years, Microsoft has worked in secret with all of its top laptop partners to ready a selection of Arm-powered Windows machines that will hit the market this summer. Known as Copilot Plus PCs, they’re meant to kick-start a generation of powerful, battery-efficient Windows laptops and lay the groundwork for an AI-powered future. These sound like they might be competitive with Apple’s M series chips.

Windows Recall could solve my biggest problem in tech

Mark Hachman writing for PC World Put simply: If you’ve seen it, so has Recall — it takes periodic screenshots of your desktop every few seconds, which it uses to hunt down details. […] But the images it saves can be interpreted via AI. So if you saved a document, that document image can be “read” via AI, and it will extract the text. There’s an app for MacOS called Rewind that does something similar to this.

Who ruined Google? - Mastodon

nixCraft 🐧 @nixCraft@mastodon.social I asked Google "who ruined Google" and they replied honestly using their AI, which is now forced on all of us. It's too funny not to share! 11:36 AM • May 20, 2024 (UTC)

I’m so glad public libraries already exist… - Mastodon

Qasim Rashid, Esq. @QasimRashid@mastodon.social I’m so glad public libraries already exist. Could you I magine trying to sell the idea of libraries to politicians in 2024? “You want to build a large public complex on prime real estate that gives away free books & education & community events—paid for by our tax dollars? Are you crazy??” 2:56 AM • May 19, 2024 (UTC)