Building A Virtual Machine inside ChatGPT

Jonas Degrave writing on Engraved Today, Frederic Besse told me that he managed to do something different. Did you know, that you can run a whole virtual machine inside of ChatGPT? This is crazy! None of these commands are actually running, the output is just what the AI thinks should be the output. Thing is, it’s almost always right.

Vendor certificate leak could give malware full control over Android phones

Manuel Vonau writing for Android Police Spotted by Google malware reverse engineering expert Łukasz Siewierski (via Mishaal Rahman), the certificates in question are platform certificates meant to verify the authenticity of the “android” application that’s part of every phone, but are also used to sign individual apps from manufacturers. The problem is that this core android application has the highest level of access to the system, allowing it almost unrestricted access to user data.

First off-grid solar-powered EV charger deployed in Puerto Rico in wake of rising natural disasters

Peter Johnson writing for electrek Beam’s EV ARC chargers can generate and store their own electricity by harnessing renewable energy from the sun. The charging infrastructure is designed to handle extreme weather with flood-proof capabilities up to 9.5 feet and wind resistance of 125 mph. I wonder how long this takes to charge. I assume it charges up a portable battery over time and then uses that to charge a vehicle.

In-app browsers that act as keyloggers

Jason Snell writing for Six Colors Introducing InAppBrowser.com, a simple tool to list the JavaScript commands executed by the iOS app rendering the page. Krause’s tool lets anyone investigate what might be leaking through in-app browsers. Apps that use Apple’s SafariViewController are all pretty safe, but apps like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook are using their own in-app browsers that modify pages with JavaScript. TikTok, in particular, is monitoring all keyboard inputs and taps.

Rogers outage: Telecom says it’s ‘fully engaged’ to fix issues; Fido, Interac customers also impacted by network outages

Isaac Phan Nay writing for The Toronto Star Many Rogers customers across Canada reported losing mobile and internet services early Friday morning, with the provider eventually confirming the issue hours later. Rogers has not yet released an update on the cause of Friday’s outage. This is a pretty huge outage, coast to coast, even impacting 9-1-1 service.