The Google Pixel Tablet's ill-conceived charging dock might be its worst feature

Talyor Kerns writing for Android Police What’s more, when the tablet isn’t attached, the dock doesn’t do anything. On its own, it can’t take Google Assistant commands or play audio — all that is handled by the tablet. At the very least, Google should give the dock the electronics to put it on par functionally with something like a Nest Mini. I think this is the reason why the dock doesn’t make sense to me.

Browser and OS Market Share Trends in the Mobile Age

Saw this over on Daring Fireball. Windows has lost a lot of market share over the last decade, very clearly to mobile (Android & iOS). The US chart was interesting as well, so I decided to check out Canada’s: Pretty similar to the US chart in that iOS has greater market share than Android (vs the global numbers). You can also clearly see iOS’s market share increasing while Android’s is decreasing.

A Brain Scanner Combined with an AI Language Model Can Provide a Glimpse into Your Thoughts

Allison Parshall writing for Scientific Americanican (Apple News) Now researchers have taken a step forward by combining fMRI’s ability to monitor neural activity with the predictive power of artificial intelligence language models. The hybrid technology has resulted in a decoder that can reproduce, with a surprising level of accuracy, the stories that a person listened to or imagined telling in the scanner. The decoder could even guess the story behind a short film that someone watched in the scanner, though with less accuracy.

Bungie is ready to ban XIM, Cronus cheaters from Destiny 2

Umar Shakir writing for The Verge (Apple News) The devices in question usually include the XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1. The third-party mouse and keyboard interfaces emulate a controller input, enabling users to reap the benefits controllers players have, like aim assist, but with the added precision and movement abilities you could otherwise only get with a keyboard and mouse. They can also execute scripts that enhance aim, fire rapidly, or add other unfair advantages.

Trials Win

I don’t play trials very often, but with how good Immortal is, I decided to hop in and start grinding for it. This was by far the biggest play of the weekend for me 🔥

GM is cutting off access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its future EVs

Andrew J. Hawkins writing for The Verge (Apple News) GM’s move to restrict access to CarPlay and Android Auto, which is expected to begin with the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV, will help the automaker capture more data on its customers’ driving, listening, and charging habits. It could also help inform future subscription products, as automakers across the board are seeking to generate more revenue beyond just selling cars. We have a Chevy Bolt, and we love having CarPlay in the car, couldn’t imagine buying a car without it now.

Why can’t we “spring” forward in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday?

#Reeder is by far my favourite iOS/iPadOS #RSS reader. I love that it can use my iCloud account to sync rather than relying on a 3rd party service.

I wish there was a way to trigger an #iOS #shortcut when my phone disconnected from a Bluetooth device.

I’ve been enjoying #Destiny2 #Lightfall. The story isn’t perfect, but strand is a lot of fun, and I’m really enjoying the ramped up difficulty.

Supreme Court hears a case that could transform the internet

Cat Zakrzewski writing for The Washington Post (Apple News) Former president Donald Trump and President Biden have criticized the provision, calling for its repeal, but for different reasons. Democrats largely argue that Section 230 allows tech companies to duck responsibility for the hate speech, misinformation and other problematic content on their platforms. Republicans, meanwhile, allege companies take down too much content, and have sought to address long-running accusations of political bias in the tech industry by altering the provision.

Bloatware pushes the Galaxy S23 Android OS to an incredible 60GB

Ron Amadeo writing for Ars Technica (Apple News) Unlike the clean OSes you’d get from Google or Apple, Samsung sells space in its devices to the highest bidder via pre-installed crapware. A company like Facebook will buy a spot on Samsung’s system partition, where it can get more intrusive system permissions that aren’t granted to app store apps, letting it more effectively spy on users. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Over in Androidtown

John Gruber writing over at Daring Fireball None of these Android clients would garner any attention at all on iOS. Tooot and the official Mastodon client are also available on iOS, and seemingly offer the same features and same basic interfaces on both platforms. There’s a reason third-party clients are overwhelmingly more popular on iOS than Mastodon’s official client — yet the Mastodon app is clearly among the best on Android.

Bungie Explains Destiny 2's Recent 20-Hour Outage

Zack Zwiezen writing for Kotaku Bungie realized that this was being caused after it moved some “currently incompletable” challenges into a different area of the game’s data. To do this, Bungie used a “very powerful” tool that lets the studio tinker with a player’s game state and account. Apparently, due to a configuration error, Bungie accidentally “re-ran an older state migration process” used in a past update. Because of this error, the tool copied old data from this past update into the current version of the game, which basically undid some players’ recent in-game accomplishments

Buildcrafting Evolved

From Bungie TL;DR: Consolidation is a major theme in many of the changes you’ll be seeing today. The current (pre-Lightfall) mod system has been built piecemeal over the years and contains a lot of redundancies. The Loadouts system empowers Guardians to suit up for whatever task, on the fly. Up to ten slots available to save multiple loadouts. This single-screen system also provides opportunities for players to create and share their loadouts with the community more easily.

I converted some of my Twitter lists into RSS feeds using rss.app so I can keep up with Twitter without actually being on Twitter.

Finished watching season 1 of #SlowHorses last night, excellent show! Will probably start season 2 tonight.

Third-party Twitter apps including Tweetbot and Twitterrific are offline, but why?

Oliver Haslam writing for iMore The issue, which is affecting Twitter apps on all platforms including iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows, hasn’t yet been confirmed by Twitter, and, worryingly, it isn’t yet known whether the problem is a glitch or the result of a decision made by Twitter itself. Still no word from Twitter. My guess is this is intentional, but we’ll see.