Humane officially launches the AI Pin, its OpenAI-powered wearable

David Pierce writing for The Verge (Apple News) The AI Pin is powered by a Snapdragon processor — though it’s not clear which one — and you control it with a combination of voice control, a camera, gestures, and a small built-in projector. This is a weird product. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone out and about talking to their phone other than when they’re on a phone call. Everyone I see using their phones are holding it in their hand and interacting with the screen.

Finished my first play through of #BaldursGate3 and holy shit was that a good game!

Got our #covid and #flu shots this weekend 💪🏼 💉

Apple “Scary Fast” Mac launch event: the 4 biggest announcements

Emma Roth writing for The Verge (Apple News) The new lineup includes the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chips, which Apple says mark the “first personal computer chips” made using the more efficient 3-nanometer process. In addition to offering a “faster and more efficient CPU,” the trio of chips comes with an updated GPU that supports ray tracing, mesh shading, and Dynamic Caching — a feature that optimizes the amount of memory the device uses during tasks.

Amazon enables passwordless passkeys on iOS and the web

Umar Shakir writing for The Verge (Apple News) Amazon is the latest company to add passkey support for customers to securely access their accounts without a password. Just keep in mind that most companies still retain passwords on accounts, so the world won’t be genuinely password-free for a while.

WordPress now offers official support for ActivityPub

Mia Sato writing for The Verge (Apple News) In the case of a WordPress.com blog, audiences will be able to follow a publisher through other federated platforms like Mastodon. Responses on other platforms will automatically turn into comments on a publisher’s WordPress post, allowing them to interact directly with off-platform audiences. The setting is available across WordPress sites on free, personal, and premium tiers — millions of blogs will now be able to join the fediverse in a few seconds.

The sounds in #BaldursGate3 are amazing. The voice acting, the music, but especially the spells, they feel powerful and substantial ☄️

I wish I could play #BaldursGate3 on my iPad. I think the game would lend itself very well to a touch interface.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Mac countdown: Exact release date and time

Max Miceli writing for DOT ESPORTS (Apple News) Baldur’s Gate 3 officially launches for Mac on Thursday, Sept. 21. The launch will coincide with the release of the game’s third patch. Larian Studios has not yet released an exact time for the launch. I’ve been playing the pre-release version on my Mac for a couple of weeks now, just trying to get a sense of the gameplay, controls and classes. Can’t wait to dive into the full thing!

Remember when Google’s motto was don’t be evil? Now their latest initiatives are to slurp up as much data as possible to train their generative AI, track the websites their users visit to package up and provide to advertisers, and allow websites to refuse to load content if they don’t like something running on the user’s computer.

Love seeing console level games on iPhone. I want to be able to play #BaldursGate3 on my iPad, so seeing this gives me hope. #AppleEvent

Chrome is the new IE

Bought #BaldursGate3 on MacOS assuming it was coming out Sep 6. When I found out it wasn’t coming out until later in Sep I decided I’d wait to play until the full game was released. Well, today I decided to just play around in the character creator, then I started playing the starting mission, and man, I just wish the full game was released for Mac already!

Elon Musk can filter offensive tweets for advertisers. Why not for users?

Chris Taylor writing for Mashable (Apple News) But there’s another reason why the advertising options are self-defeating: Because they bring up another troubling question for users who are sick of the site’s lack of content moderation. If Twitter/X can identify and filter out content such as hate speech “with a 99% efficacy rate,” according to the company’s blog, why only offer that service to advertisers? Plenty of users would also prefer a version of Twitter that is 99% Nazi free, too.

Size of data

Saw this on Mastodon, great way to understand the different sizes of data.

A jargon-free explanation of how AI large language models work

Timothy B. Lee and Sean Trott writing for Ars Technical (Apple News) Why use such a baroque notation? Here’s an analogy. Washington, DC, is located at 38.9 degrees north and 77 degrees west. We can represent this using a vector notation: Washington, DC, is at [38.9, 77] New York is at [40.7, 74] London is at [51.5, 0.1] Paris is at [48.9, -2.4] This is useful for reasoning about spatial relationships.

Greg Morris - Apple Notes Is Just About Perfect in iOS17

Greg Morris writing on his blog The biggest update to Apple Notes is linking between notes easily, and it’s not an exaggeration to say Apple absolutely nailed the implementation. You can tap link and just type out the name of the note you want to link to, there’s no double bracket or back linking bandwagon joining, it’s simple, elegant and exactly what is needed. I’m really looking forward to this update to Notes.