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Got a new iPhone this past weekend. I got the iPhone 11 Pro. I didn't realize how much bigger and heavier it would be compared to my 7. It's not outrageously bigger, like the Max would have been, but it's still noticeable. So far I'm really liking it though. Face ID is especially nice.


I was thinking about this recently given all the criticism about iPadOS's multitasking lately. Like Rene, I was thinking it would be cool to be able to show a compact version of springboard to select the second app for multitasking. I hope something like this comes in iPadOS 14.


Trump’s defence team is now arguing that what he did, withholding aid from Ukraine until they start an investigation into Biden, was in the national interest. They’re rational is that every politician thinks their election or re-election is in the national interest, so anything they do to help that isn’t corrupt or impeachable. So you know, when a President starts jailing his opponents, it won’t be authoritarian, it’ll be in the national interest 🙄


Isn't this what mobsters do, demand protection money