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This is despicable. If you can’t, or refuse to answer reporters’ questions, you don’t deserve to govern


This is a great post, perfectly describes the problems with the modern web.


Data sheds light on how Russian Twitter trolls targeted Canadians

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet, especially social media. Remember to get your news from reputable sources.


Ford’s Tories using taxpayer dollars to produce ‘lookalike news’ videos promoting party message, opposition says

What’s the purpose of producing these videos in this way other than trying to fool people who are watching them?


The European Commission Versus Android – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

This is a great overview of the EU’s decision against Google and Android. Google has been strong arming OEMs for years and locking more and more of the Android OS down. 

If Android were truly open source, I’d expect to see many more forks than we have today, but Google makes sure that doesn’t happen by moving more and more into Google Play Services and letting those pieces of the Android Open Source project languish. 


Ontario sex-ed will still include consent, gender identity, education minister says

I’m sure this will all be smoothed out by September 🙄