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Manhole Covers Serve as Antennas Expanding Wireless Network Coverage - IEEE Spectrum

Engineers at Vodafone, headquartered in the United Kingdom, have come up with an ingenious solution: make manhole covers do double duty as antennas for mobile communications. This clever solution manages to avoid all the troubling issues that had worried many observers about the proliferation of small cells. It eliminates traffic disruptions from street construction, and there are no antennas awkwardly placed on buildings, marring the appearance of a neighborhood.



Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap - YouTube

Revenge is best served with glitter and smelling like farts.


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Amid protests, Tories pass bill that scales back workers’ rights and freezes minimum wage

The now-repealed Bill 148 was the product of two years of public consultations and research led by two independent experts.

The decision to repeal the bill was made after one day of public consultation.