Windows Recall could solve my biggest problem in tech

Mark Hachman writing for PC World

Put simply: If you’ve seen it, so has Recall — it takes periodic screenshots of your desktop every few seconds, which it uses to hunt down details. […] But the images it saves can be interpreted via AI. So if you saved a document, that document image can be “read” via AI, and it will extract the text.

There’s an app for MacOS called Rewind that does something similar to this. It’s a third party app though, whereas Recall is from the OS vendor meaning it may have certain advantages or capabilities a third party wouldn’t.

I think the idea of this sort of this is really interesting and could prove to be really useful. However, I wonder how many people will see something on their phone, forget which device they saw it on, and try to use Recall to search for it only to be disappointed to not find anything.

Now, if it could somehow include data from your smart phone as well, that would be useful! I wonder if there’s a tech company that could bridge that gap…