Mac users served info-stealer malware through Google ads

Dan Goodin writing for Ars Technica

Like most other large advertising networks, Google Ads regularly serves malicious content that isn’t taken down until third parties have notified the company. Google Ads takes no responsibility for any damage that may result from these oversights. The company said in an email it removes malicious ads once it learns of them and suspends the advertiser and has done so in this case.

Adblockers, everyone should use one, or multiple. I use Ka-Block, Bolt, Lockdown, and AdGuard. Makes browsing the web much more tolerable.

People who want to install software advertised online should seek out the official download site rather than relying on the site linked in the ad.

Online ads are increasingly a vector for attack, which is why I think of adblockers as almost a necessity when browsing the web.