Destiny 2 is getting a surprise new subclass and a lot more in The Final Shape

Ryan Gilliam writing at Polygon:

The star of the trailer is the new Prismatic subclass, which allows players to combine all of the other game’s subclasses into one. Bungie calls this an “advanced” subclass, and it looks like it’ll offer an entirely new way to play. Prismatic Guardians even gain the ability to use a super-powered grenade that combines darkness and light together. Other subclasses will be getting grenades as well that combine elements: stasis and void for Warlocks; strand and arc for Titans; and solar and statis for Hunters.

And more from the Bungie website:

The Prismatic subclass is familiar, but with a twist. Your Super, melee, grenade, and Aspect slots will feature a selection of Light and Darkness abilities from all five damage types. You can also select from all available movement modes and class abilities, including the subclass-specific ones, such as Phoenix Dive, Acrobat’s Dodge, and Thruster. Our main goal for Prismatic is to enable new and interesting buildcrafting combinations that lead to new types of gameplay, so that we can keep the game feeling fresh. As part of this, some of the abilities we’ve chosen are ones that we think have been underused since their initial release and have exciting interactions with the rest of the roster. In many cases, we’ve adjusted how certain Aspects function to specifically enable these unique interactions.

This all sounds amazing! The developers said during their livestream that some of the combinations might even be a little game breaking.

We got a peak at some of the enemies we’ll be facing, and they look tough, but this seems like overkill for them. I wonder what else we might face.