Some thoughts on Apple’s New Vision Pro

Some thoughts on Apple’s new Vision Pro

  • I’m surprised the FaceTime avatar isn’t your Memoji. I’m assuming it’ll be an option, but the 3D digital face thing has some room to improve.
  • The hardware they’ve put into this thing is amazing! The screens, the cameras, the eye tracking, the M2 and R1 chips, just 🤯
  • When I saw the R1 I immediately thought car.
  • I think Eye Sight (the outward facing screen showing the wearer’s eyes) is really well done and a key component to making this something you can wear and still interact with other people.

Now some questions

  • How does multitasking work? Can I have unlimited windows floating around me? Can they all be running and performing tasks? I doubt it, so how does the OS determine what apps should be active and which get suspended?
  • Can I pin apps around my house? Like can I have a calendar pinned to my fridge? A TV+ window in the family room? An email client and web browser pinned above my desk in the office?

I think special computing is going to be the next thing. I don’t know how long it’ll take to get here, but I feel like this right here is the beginning.