Humane officially launches the AI Pin, its OpenAI-powered wearable

David Pierce writing for The Verge (Apple News)

The AI Pin is powered by a Snapdragon processor — though it’s not clear which one — and you control it with a combination of voice control, a camera, gestures, and a small built-in projector.

This is a weird product. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone out and about talking to their phone other than when they’re on a phone call. Everyone I see using their phones are holding it in their hand and interacting with the screen. The fact that this thing doesn’t have a screen and it’s primary interaction method is by voice makes me think it won’t last very long. But maybe im wrong, maybe this thing will be a hit and it’ll be commonplace overnight for everyone to be talking to a little device on their shirt. But I think it’s more likely it’ll fizzle out. Maybe some pieces of it will be bought by one of the bigger tech giants, but I’m not even sure about that.