GM is cutting off access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for its future EVs

Andrew J. Hawkins writing for The Verge (Apple News)

GM’s move to restrict access to CarPlay and Android Auto, which is expected to begin with the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV, will help the automaker capture more data on its customers’ driving, listening, and charging habits. It could also help inform future subscription products, as automakers across the board are seeking to generate more revenue beyond just selling cars.

We have a Chevy Bolt, and we love having CarPlay in the car, couldn’t imagine buying a car without it now.

If they were just dropping support for CarPlay and Android Auto, that’d be bad enough. But the fact that they are doing that and plan on using Google’s platform to spy on drivers makes this even worse. Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars on a car and then still having to give up your privacy.