Elon Musk can filter offensive tweets for advertisers. Why not for users?

Chris Taylor writing for Mashable (Apple News)

But there’s another reason why the advertising options are self-defeating: Because they bring up another troubling question for users who are sick of the site’s lack of content moderation. If Twitter/X can identify and filter out content such as hate speech “with a 99% efficacy rate,” according to the company’s blog, why only offer that service to advertisers? Plenty of users would also prefer a version of Twitter that is 99% Nazi free, too. By offering that option to advertisers but not caring about the potential customers they’re trying to reach, Musk’s company is drawing attention to the fact in a way that serves neither.

They’re all but admitting that Twitter is filled hate speech. Glad I moved to Mastodon for my primary social media fix last year.