Buildcrafting Evolved

From Bungie


  • Consolidation is a major theme in many of the changes you’ll be seeing today.
    • The current (pre-Lightfall) mod system has been built piecemeal over the years and contains a lot of redundancies.
  • The Loadouts system empowers Guardians to suit up for whatever task, on the fly.
    • Up to ten slots available to save multiple loadouts.
    • This single-screen system also provides opportunities for players to create and share their loadouts with the community more easily.
  • The Mod Customization screen will make managing your mods easier with them all in one place.
    • Like the Guardian Appearance screen, this screen creates an easy to reference space where you can see all your armor pieces and mods at any given time.
  • Champion counters are being spread between Artifact perks, subclass abilities, and more.
  • Updates to mods streamline the process and bring new and exciting build potential to Destiny 2.
    • We’re taking the opportunity to touch and tune every single mod in Destiny 2.
    • We’re removing Energy types from mods and armor, giving players more flexibility in crafting their builds. No more switching between Energy types to find the mod you want.
    • We’re reducing the pressure on Armor Energy by re-tuning armor mod costs and changing Artifact perks to no longer require mod slots.
    • We’re moving from weapon-type-specific mods to damage-type-specific mods for increased flexibility in builds.

All of this is coming in Lightfall. This all sounds great, simplifed mods, loadout system in game and champion counters built into the subclasses; I can’t wait!