There’s a big problem with Apple and Google’s plans to nix passwords

Jared Newman writing for Fast Company (Apple News)

FIDO’s current proposal has no mechanism for bulk-transferring passkeys between ecosystems. If you want to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone—or vice versa—you won’t be able to easily move all your passkeys over.


FIDO does plan to let users copy passkeys one at a time, so if you create an account with an iPhone and want to login on a Windows PC, Microsoft can create its own passkey for that service once you’ve authenticated through your phone. Still, moving passkeys one-by-one won’t be feasible for users who want to leave a particular ecosystem and have saved up dozens or hundreds of logins.

This is what I was curious about, how do these passkeys transfer/sync between platform vendors. It sounds like for the moment, they don’t.