Google Gmail Tracks Purchase History How To Delete It

Todd Haselton and Megan Graham writing for CNBC

A page called “Purchases ” shows an accurate list of many — though not all — of the things I’ve bought dating back to at least 2012. I made these purchases using online services or apps such as Amazon, DoorDash or Seamless, or in stores such as Macy’s, but never directly through Google.

But because the digital receipts went to my Gmail account, Google has a list of info about my buying habits.

I wonder how many Gmail users know Google is looking through their email and categorizing all their purchases like this. Apparently you can delete it, but only if you delete the original email.

I question Google’s motivates here. I mean, this page shows details about all your purchases, meaning Google needs to know how to parse all these email receipts and pull out the details, no small feat. If Google isn’t doing something with this information now, I suspect they will at some point.