Paris, the City of Lights

Well, we’ve been in Paris for a few days now, but the Internet access here isn’t free, so I had to wait to buy some time before I could post again.

We’ve seen a few of the sights, but mostly we’ve just been wandering around the streets and taking in the atmosphere. On our first day here, we found a small panini shop, got ourselves a couple of paninis and ate them in one of Paris’ oldest squares. It was quite the experience. The square was full of people, some eating as we were, others reading, relaxing and napping, I could learn to live like this ;)


We’ve seen the Eiffel Tower (many times), but haven’t gone up it yet. We’ll be doing that tomorrow (and yes Radha, I’ll remember to look for your message). I tried snapping a couple of pictures of it at night, but most of them turned out kinda blurry, no tripod :(. This one turned out pretty good though. Maybe I’ll try to take some more, but I gotta find a way to steady the camera better.


Yesterday evening we did a boat cruise down the Seine, which highlighted some of the sites along the river. Everything from the bridges to the buildings is simply beautiful. However, my favorite site in Paris has to be the Notre Dame cathedral. It probably isn’t the most beautiful thing in Paris, especially with those gargoyles, but its monstrous and gothic appearance was really something! The climb to the top wasn’t easy, but we managed, and the view was well worth it. I got a few shots from the top which I’ll post when I got home.

Today we were both feeling a bit cultured out, so we decided to break from our plans a bit and went to EuroDisney. Except for the line ups we had a really good time there. Probably wasn’t the best day to go (Sunday), but we didn’t have much other choice, and like I said we enjoyed it anyway.

Tuesday we’re leving for Venice, and then it’s off to Rome. We’re both really looking forward to Italy. I don’t think I’ll have Internet access there, so no more until we get home.