More Sight Seeing, Still Good Weather!


Well, we’re coming up to our final day here in London. We’ve had fantastic weather for our entire stay, hopefully it’ll continue for the rest of our journey.We’ve seen quite a bit more of the city including Trafalgar Square, Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. The sites are simply amazing, filled with so much history it’s difficult to take it all in.


Yesterday we saw the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral. It doesn’t sound like much, but each of those things is pretty big. While I enjoyed all of them, I would have to say I was most impressed by St. Paul’s Cathedral. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the Tower of London. The guided tour by one of the Beefeaters was really interesting and filled with all sorts of historical information. But St. Paul’s Cathedral was just that much more. Its dome, the views from the top, and the architecture and paintings inside were unbelievable. I’ll never forget sitting in the whispering gallery and looking up at the paintings is the dome. Pictures inside, unfortunately, weren’t allowed, so I’ve included one from the top of the cathedral.Tonight we did a Jack the Ripper walking tour where we visited some of the murder sites and learned all about the suspects and the investigation. For instance, did you know that there is a theory that the murders were conducted by members of the freemasons and that it was a big government cover-up. Interesting stuff :)So tomorrow evening we’re off to Paris. I don’t know what the Internet access will be like there, but if I’ve got it, I’ll try to post again soon.


Oh, and we also met some fellow Canadians :)