Cheerio from Across the Pond

So we arrived a couple of days ago. The flight wasn’t that great, we were delayed at the passport control office for over an hour. Luckily, Scott, my cousin’s friend who had said he would be able to drive us out to my aunt and uncle’s, stuck around and we were able to meet up with him once we got out of the airport.


Visiting with the family was short, but great. We stayed with my aunt and uncle Saturday and Sunday and visited with nana and popa on Sunday. The weather was so great we went for a walk down by the beach, and even stood in the ocean :)


Today we saw many of the sites, including Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, The Jewel Tower, The London Eye, The Globe Theatre, The Millennium Bridge and the Tate Modern. We didn’t manage to see St. Paul’s Cathedral, but we’re going to try to see it tomorrow. It was a very busy day and we’re both exhausted, so it’s time for bed. I’ll try to post again soon.