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Shitty weather for Halloween this year β˜”οΈ The girls made it most of the way around the block, but eventually just asked to go home.


Amazon Sells Clothes From Factories Other Retailers Shun as Dangerous

Justin Scheck, Jon Emont and Alexandra Berzon writing for The Wall Street Journal

The Journal traced the top to a factory in Chittagong, Bangladesh, that has no fire alarms and where doors are of a type managers can lock and keep workers in. A laborer at the factory, 18-year-old Nasreen Begum, said she spends 12-hour days there stitching shirts with 300 others. β€œYou’re trapped inside until the time you complete the orders,” she said.


Checked into Excellence El Carmen

We’ve arrived! β˜€οΈ


Checked into Denny's

Birthday dinner for Zoey’s 10th birthday!


Shadowkeep is just so good


Privacy matters because it empowers us all | Aeon Essays

Carissa VΓ©liz

Facebook does not technically sell your data, for instance. Nor does Google. They sell the power to influence you.


I have nothing against advertising, it's the tracking. Imagine if people had to wear a camera recording everywhere they went and everything they did and submit that footage before being able to watch a show or purchase a newspaper all with the promise of better ads.