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Checked into Landmark Cinemas

Black Panther time!


That’s pretty awesome!


The Case Against the Bell Coalition's Website Blocking Plan, Part 8: The Ineffectiveness of Website Blocking - Michael Geist

The ineffectiveness of website blocking was perhaps best illustrated by an example from the MUSO report relied upon by the Bell coalition., which is identified by MUSO as sample streaming site, is on the blocklist in both Australia and the UK (both established through court rulings, not administrative hearings). Despite being blocked in Australia and the UK, SimilarWeb reports that site visits to are greater in both Australia and the UK than in Canada. Canada is also declining faster as a traffic source than Australia, the UK, and the United States.

Michael Geist has been taking a close look at the Bell Website Blocking Plan in a series of posts on his website.

While they’re all great, I think this latest one really illustrates perfectly why we shouldn’t be doing this.


Let’s go Canada! 🇨🇦 vs 🇺🇸 🏒


Emma González Leads a Student Outcry on Guns: ‘This Is the Way I Have to Grieve’

I am in awe of these “kids”. I put kids in quotes because a lack of leadership in that country has forced them to grow up much sooner than they otherwise would have.