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Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap - YouTube

Revenge is best served with glitter and smelling like farts.


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Amid protests, Tories pass bill that scales back workers’ rights and freezes minimum wage

The now-repealed Bill 148 was the product of two years of public consultations and research led by two independent experts.

The decision to repeal the bill was made after one day of public consultation.


Trump Warns That Florida Recount Could Set Dangerous Precedent of Person with Most Votes Winning | The New Yorker

Having just returned from the Armistice commemoration in Paris, Trump said that Florida’s recount has made America “the laughingstock of the world,” adding, “Putin told me they never do recounts in Russia.”

This is satire, but honestly, when Trump's involved, it's hard to know sometimes.


What if the recounts in Florida show the Republicans winning? Are people supposed to trust it?