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What Google isn't telling us about its AI demo - Axios

Some good digging by Axios, I wonder if Google will ever respond to these questions. 


Amber Alert for missing boy sparks complaints over new mobile emergency system

I can’t believe people are complaining about this, a child was in danger FFS!


I really hope @NextcloudiOS integrates with the iOS soon. I'd love to have access to my Nextcloud server in this way.


Rogers, Telus, Bell Reveal Lower-Cost Data-Only Plan Proposals Starting at $25/400MB | iPhone in Canada Blog

When we’ve seen $15 plans for 3GB of LTE data from Fido for tablet users, it’s tough to see these proposals for smartphones, offering less data for more money. In terms of price per gigabyte, Rogers’ proposal works out to $62.50 per gigabyte (or $6.25/100MB), while Telus and Bell are at $60 per gigabyte (or $6/100MB).



Flickr has been purchased by photo-sharing service SmugMug | iMore

I wonder if with all the anti-Facebook sentiment lately if a mass migration from Instagram to Flickr could happen. I’m not holding my breath, but stranger things have happened.


Rogers e-mail service terms allow access to users’ contacts, raising privacy concerns - The Globe and Mail

More than halfway through a 27-page document of terms and conditions sent to Rogers e-mail users over the past week, a section specific to Canada states: “By using the services you agree that you have obtained the consent of your friends and contacts to provide their personal information (for example: their email address or telephone number) to Oath or a third party, as applicable, and that Oath or a third party may use your name to send messages on your behalf to make the services available to your friends and contacts.”