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A Whopping 91 Percent of Plastic Isn’t Recycled

"The prediction that by mid-century, the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish, ton for ton, has become one of the most-quoted statistics and a rallying cry to do something about it."

Think about the amount of plastic products you use in a day. This really is mind boggling. 


So many cool trailers coming out of


Oh yeah! Can't wait for this!


PSA: Update to iOS 10.3.3 to fix serious wifi vulnerability allowing attacker complete control

Ben Lovejoy at 9to5Mac: 

"But what Nitay Artenstein of Exodus Intelligence discovered – and reported to Apple – was that it was able to exploit the issue to ‘run code in the main application processor.’ In other words, gain complete control of your device."

That's a pretty nasty vulnerability, patch as soon as you can!

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Al Franken's reason for why he's a Democrat will move you to


Daring Fireball: Public Service Announcement: You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS

The only time I ever force quit an app is when it isn't working properly and I'm trying to get it to reload everything, otherwise I just let iOS do its thing.


The beta is 👌🏼


Google introduces the feed, a personalized stream of news on iOS and Android - The Verge

Casey Newton at The Verge:

"You can’t follow individual publishers today, but publishers will surely clamor for it, and Google told me it will consider adding that feature eventually."

Why can't you follow individual sources? I'd think that's the prime feature you'd want in a feed reader.

Google arguably had one of the best, most popular feed readers, Google Reader, and they shut it down. There was even a social aspect to it, albeit limited. Why would anyone trust that this'll be around in a year?


Looking forward to the beta tomorrow 🔥

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The Destiny 2 beta drops today so please remember to jump to as many conclusions as possible & evaluate this as if it's a complete build!


So @pcfinancial will you be getting Apple Pay debit card support soon?


Tangerine Adds Debit Card Support for Apple Pay | iPhone in Canada Blog

I've been a PC Financial customer for a very long time, but if they don't add dedit card support soon, I'll be switching. 


100 Vehicles of Star Wars

Found on Visually.


Water guns in the rain ☔️