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So now that I’m finished Secret Wars, what other Marvel books should I move on to? Right now I’m thinking All-New Wolverine and Mighty Thor look good.


Trump plans gala at Mar-a-Lago tonight, again renting a ballroom from himself - The Washington Post

“During the 2016 election cycle, Trump’s campaign spent at least $791,000 to hold events at 12 Trump-branded venues: three hotels, seven golf courses, a condo building and Mar-a-Lago, federal campaign filings show. That was on top of millions more that Trump’s campaign paid his businesses for other expenses such as hotel stays, meals and rent for office space at Trump Tower.”

The Presidency is turning out to be very lucrative for Trump. 


Finally finished reading Secret Wars. I've got to say, Marvel Unlimited is pretty great, especially on an iPad 💥


These look pretty cool