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mojave - How to open macOS news article in browser? - Ask Different

This is a useful keyboard shortcut to setup if you're using Apple News on the Mac a lot.


Google patches ads into Android TV home screens without warning - The Verge

Jon Porter writing for The Verge

One Reddit thread noted that the ads had appeared on a Sony 900F, which has a starting price of $999.99.


Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be many other options to get rid of the ads. Users on Reddit have reported that even if they attempt to disable “Android TV Core Services,” turn off auto-updates, and uninstall the latest update, the ads still seem to return after they restart their TVs.

If my $1000 TV started showing me ads, I'd be returning the TV.


Doug Ford stands by taxpayer-funded ad blitz railing against federal carbon-pricing | The Star

Robert Benzie writing for The Star

“They’re going to be using … Ontario’s tax dollars to help the federal Conservatives in their election. Taxpayers in Ontario are going to be … doing political advertising on behalf of the Andrew Scheer Conservatives,” said Horwath.

What a scam.


Checked into Denny's



Two thirds of Android antivirus apps don't work properly

Jon Fingas writing for Engadget

In some cases, the failure is a simple one: they're not really scanning app code. AV-Comparatives found that are just using app whitelists or blacklists, and sometimes very broad ones at that. They may allow all apps whose package files start with "com.instagram," but it would be trivial to create rogue apps that used a variant on that name.


Why 'AMP' Is Going to Be a Big Deal for You and Your Emails

Brendan Hesse writing for Lifehacker

While AMP emails would technically prevent users from accidentally clicking phishing links or downloading malicious attachments, some argue that having code running within an email message (not to mention ads and potential data-collection) is far riskier since ad blockers, pop-up blockers, and anti-virus software would usually be able to intercept sketchy links and files otherwise.

I don't see any upside for the user in this whatsoever.


Pay Less To Connect

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