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Isn't this what mobsters do, demand protection money


Rise of Skywalker was great, a good finale to an epic saga.


@TeksavvyCSR My DSL in Ajax has been down for an hour or so now, any idea when service will be restored?


I think I've found a way to post quick status updates to my blog using Pretext rather than Drafts. I like Drafts, and I'd probably use it if it just kept plaintext files in iCloud Drive.


This is a blog post from on iOS


Looking at using Drafts to publish to my blog. In fact, this one was done using it šŸ¤žšŸ¼


Shitty weather for Halloween this year ā˜”ļø The girls made it most of the way around the block, but eventually just asked to go home.


Shadowkeep is just so good


I have nothing against advertising, it's the tracking. Imagine if people had to wear a camera recording everywhere they went and everything they did and submit that footage before being able to watch a show or purchase a newspaper all with the promise of better ads.


This is great, really well done


The reminders migration in iOS 13 took a long time for me. But, everything appears to be there now and is syncing correctly.


Well, think I'm done with Dropbox now. I switched all my stuff to iCloud Drive quite a while ago, so I really have no need to have it on my computers anymore.


Trump certainly is running the country like one of his companies


Shadowkeep looks so good, I can't wait until September!


Google Calendar outage, well that certainly frees up my day šŸ˜Š


Cute animation on Apple Canada's website today


The girls are trying to learn Spanish via Duolingo so they can have conversations that Lisa and I can't understand.