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These look pretty cool


Happy new year πŸŽ‰


The Last Jedi was good, really good!


Girls are watching classic Disney Christmas cartoons on YouTube and laughing hysterically.


Spent the evening trying to get the $60, 10 GB deal from Fido tonight. After an hour waiting in the store, I decided to give up and go back tomorrow morning to try again. Fido’s systems are completely hosed right now. Their website, phone lines, and apparently even their internal systems are slow or offline completely.


β€ͺ.@Bell is trying to censor the Internet again & break by introducing a mandatory website blocking system. Speak out now! ‬


Mayhem is coming back! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


The crucible is hilarious right now 🀣


This looks AWESOME!


Installed the photo gallery Lychee as a way of hosting more than one image at a time. Most of the time sharing an individual snapshot is enough, but some occasions warrant an album of images. Here's some from Halloween this year.


This is too good!


The community is constantly saying how dedicated servers will make things so much better


Posting from the iOS app.


Thor was good, would definitely recommend.


Going to see Thor Ragnarok tonight.


Got an invite to the other day, setup the account and linked this site to it. Let's see if this syndicates over there.

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