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@axios has a pretty slick Apple News interface.


Getting dark out there


I ❤️ Workflow

3 min read

I use Workflow many times everyday. I really like how I can build custom, well, workflows and have my phone do something that's simple and make it even easier, or do something complex with the push of a button.

I know my phone is a computer in my pocket, but this app makes my phone really feel like a computer. Just checkout their documentation to get a sense of what Workflow can do.

I thought I'd share some of the workflows that I use pretty often.

Share on Known

This is easily my most used workflow. I can use this to share pretty much anything from any app using the iOS share sheet right to my blog. It's essentially a glorified bookmarklet, the key being I can use it from any app.

Log my weight

This simple workflow lets me log my weight from the iOS today view. It simply prompts me for my weight, displaying the number pad, and logs it to the iOS Health app.

Log water

Similar to the weight workflow, this workflow lets me log my water intake to the iOS health app. Again, I can use it directly from the IOS today widget, allowing me to select from 2 pre-defined amounts (amounts I often drink), or I can select Other and input the amount through the number pad that's displayed.

Quick reminder

This workflow lets me set a quick reminder in the iOS Reminders app. Reminders doesn't have the best interface for adding new entries that will have either a date/time or a location associated with them. So, this workflow lets me quickly select a common location (work or home) or set a time using natural language (i.e. Tomorrow @ 10am).

New Journal Entry

I used to use Dayone for journaling, but when they moved away from allowing syncing via iCloud I decided I wanted a different solution. I decided to move to the iOS Notes app. However, I like the location and weather information that Dayone adds to each new entry. To get type of information into my journal entries I created a workflow that pulls my current location and gets the current weather from the Darksky API and copies that information to the clipboard. I can then paste that into the top of the note.

Activity Report

This is a simple workflow that will show me how well I'm doing for the day in terms of number of steps and water consumption. It shows me my average steps and water consumption for the last seven days along with today's steps and water consumption. This is another one that works directly from the iOS today view.

Translate Selection

Some of the content I read online isn't always in English. This workflow lets me select some text and translate it into English using the iOS share sheet..

ETA Home

I use this one to send my wife an iMessage letting her know how long it'll be until I get home. It takes my current location and estimates the travel time based on current traffic.

So those are some of the workflows that I have and use often. I have to say I'm pretty omptimistic about Apple's acquisition of Workflow. I hope they build some of this directly into iOS and I hope they turn Workflow into something like Automator for iOS.


Successfully got PushBullet setup. I can now send messages from my server to my iPhone and iPad 🤓


Reading about dkim and dmarc.


Been using the Ka-block content blocker on both iOS and MacOS for about a year now and I'm very happy with them. Anyone have any other good recommendations?


I'm thinking about trying out Huginn, an opensource project that's very similar to IFTTT. Not sure what I'll use it for just yet, but the idea of running my own IFTTT service is intriguing.


Safari Favicons

2 min read

John Gruber wrote recently about favicons in Safari

The gist of it is two-fold: (1) there are some people who strongly prefer to see favicons in tabs even when they don’t have a ton of tabs open, simply because they prefer identifying tabs graphically rather than by the text of the page title; and (2) for people who do have a ton of tabs open, favicons are the only way to identify tabs.

A lot of people seem to agree that Safari should display favicons as a way to quickly find a page among a sea of open tabs. Personally, I've never found that to be all that useful in finding a particular tab. Gruber makes some good points, but the way I deal with a large number of tabs is through the tab exposé feature in Safari. Just pinch on the trackpad (or use the shift-cmd-\ keyboard shortcut) to see a grid of thumbnails of all your tabs. From there, you can visually identify the page you're looking for. Alternatively, if you just start typing, the grid of thumbnails will be filtered based on the search.

I find this method to be much better than trying to remember where in a row of tabs a particular page is, or trying to identify a site based on the favicon in the tab bar, but that's just me.


The more I read about Percona the more I like it. The backup utility, XtraBackup can take a hot backup which can be quickly restored when needed.


So what I was able to do was install Percona, which is a drop in replacement for mysql. They have packages for 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7 available for Ubuntu 17.04. I installed version 5.5 and was able to bring up my database. From there I could upgrade to 5.6 and eventually mysql 5.7. However, somethings still were not working correctly, like emojis were not being stored correctly, so I attempted to fix that, and things broke again. I couldn't start the database and nothing I did seemed to help. Luckly, I made a backup of the data when I successfully had 5.5 running. I reverted everything back to 5.5 and have since upgraded to Percona 5.6. I'm staying here for now. Things appear to be stable and working.

I've got to say, Percona is fast. A few tables that mysql wasn't able to optimize properly, Percona did without any troubles. Right now I'm thinking I'll stick with Percona until I no longer can.


Upgrade was a success, still can't get mysql working. I've determined now though that the old version, 5.5 isn't direclty upgradable to 5.7. I now need to figure out if I can do that, or do I try to restore into a 5.7 instance with backups?


Reboot time ...


60% and nothing has blown up yet 🤞🏼


So, attempted to upgrade my server from Ubuntu 14.10 to 16.10. Everything seemingly went smoothly, except mysql. For some reason it didn't get upgraded. No big deal, I thought to myself, I'll just install it. Well, it turns out there's some sort of problem with mysql and Ubuntu 16.10. I Google'd and I Google'd, tried a bunch of different suggestions, nothing worked, mysql just wouldn't properly install.

I'm now in the process of upgrading to Ubuntu 17.04. I looked through the release notes for 17.04 and there's no mention of any issues with mysql, so hopefully this will solve my problem. When there's no way back, you go through.

My first attempt to upgrade to 17.04 didn't go very well. The broken mysql-server packages from 16.10 were still in place and caused the upgrade to fail. That was a treat to troubleshoot and smooth out. I've got it going now though.

On a related note, because my server is down, I can't post this update, so I'm writing it down now and I'll attempt to post it with a "published date" in the past and see if Known accepts it.


Mojotos are the best


There's even wifi on the beach 🤓




I'm testing whether or not a Status Update can contain HTML. Here's a link to an arbitrary website.