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Thor was good, would definitely recommend.


Going to see Thor Ragnarok tonight.


Got an invite to the other day, setup the account and linked this site to it. Let's see if this syndicates over there.


Played around with a bit, a command line journaling app. It’s impressive, but I don’t think it’s enough to move me away from Apple Notes.


The sharing extension for Apple Notes is much improved in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra 🙌🏼


Feel the hype flow through you


Why can I not sort by filesize on Google Drive, seems like a basic thing.


Today's episode of The Daily was really depressing. It perfectly describes how most people would rather believe a story that reinforces their view of the world rather than the truth. This allows people to be easily manipulated and controlled, which I find fascinating, but mostly disturbing. What happened to don't believe everything you read? With more and more information starting to come out about Russia's Facebook ads, it's clear that Russia perfectly understands how to manipulate and control the US population. This will probably get way worse before it gets any better.


The document scanner in the Notes app in is really good 👌🏼 Anyone know if it does any kind of OCR for search?


Downloaded the new Backup and Sync tool from Google. Seems like whenever they make a new tool it has to re-upload all my photos. I think this'll be the 3rd copy...


Really liking , best game I've played since, well, Destiny.


Girls enjoyed their first funnel cake at Canada's Wonderland


Spider-man Homecoming is really good, easily my favorite Spider-man movie


@axios has a pretty slick Apple News interface.


Getting dark out there