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100 Vehicles of Star Wars

Found on Visually.


Water guns in the rain ☔️


Zoey bought some Lego

I'm very proud of Zoey. She's been wanting this Lego set (which was more than $100) for many weeks. She saved her allowance, bought it and built it, all on her own. 




iCloud file sharing coming in High Sierra


Now the US government has money for me! At this rate I'll be a billionaire by the end of the year!


More 🌷




Well that's certainly nice of him!




🌷 came up nicely


Trying to update my @withknown to the latest version from git but lose my reposts. @ChrisAldrich @mapkyca help plz?


I feel the need... the need for speed!



Managed to complete Crota's end a couple of times this past week.

Managed to complete the Crota challenge each time.


The girls were very brace and went on the glass floor at the CN Tower.


Glass floor at the CN Tower

The girls were very brave and went on the glass floor at the CN Tower. 


10.0 KD 😳💯

Managed to do this during Mayhem Clash, loving the new meta


I am your father!

Some pretty cool stuff at Lego land. 


The Balloon Tree

The girls really enjoyed The Balloon Tree at the St. Francis Centre in Ajax yesterday. The performers did a great job involving the audience, great show overall!