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Google collects Android users' locations even when location services are disabled — Quartz

Even when you don't want to share all your data with Google, they find a way to capture it.


Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Does Backflips Now and It's Full-Tilt Insane

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I’m running for my life from these things. 


Canada's Billion Dollar Wireless Cash Grab: CRTC Data Shows Overage Fees Now Exceed Roaming Revenues - Michael Geist

The most obvious solution would be the availability of unlimited wireless data plans, which are commonly found elsewhere. Companies such as Bell and Rogers claim that unlimited plans are not feasible, but the reality is that with limited competition and more than a billion dollars per year in revenue from overage charges, there is little incentive for the companies to tinker with the current system.

I pay $30 for 6 GB of data, which I got when the iPhone first came to Canada. I think it would cost around $100 to get that kind of data today.


Buying USB-C earbuds for my Pixel 2 was incredibly annoying and expensive

A flagship phone with no headphone jack and no headphones in the box, doesn’t make sense to me. 


YouTube channel 'encore+' resurrects Canadian TV shows, films for a new generation | Metro News

Well, "The Littlest Hobo" has finally been let out of his kennel. After years of development, the Canada Media Fund and Google Canada have teamed to launch encore+, a new YouTube channel giving viewers here and around the world access to decades of Canadian film and TV gold.


Disney developing live-action Star Wars TV series

There isn’t much information about the series, but it will be released exclusively on Disney’s streaming service.

Well that’s one way to get people to sign up for your new streaming service...


Logitech will give all Harmony Link owners a free Hub after backlash

I think this is great, but Logitech should have done this originally, not just as a response to the backlash. 


Logitech will brick its Harmony Link hub for all owners in March

“On March 16th, 2018, Logitech will discontinue service and support for Harmony Link. Your Harmony Link will no longer function after this date,”

Imagine buying this thing 5 years ago, being really happy with it, everything setup and working just right, and now you’re told it just isn’t going to work anymore because the company doesn’t want to support it any longer. Apparently it’s because of some licensing that Logitech doesn’t want to renew.

Makes you wonder, what are you really buying when you purchase a device like this. Do you own it? Or are you just purchasing a license to use the device (like so many software purchases are) and the company can brick that device wherever they want. 


Russians 'set up shop' in Scotland to force new independence vote

Remember when reading anything on social media, ask yourself, who is posting this and why. Is it a source you trust? Is the information verifiable?