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Why Spotify's European competition complaint is about Apple not Google - Business Insider

I was curious why Spotify wasn't going after Google as well as Apple, since it seems like Google's policies are pretty much the same as Apple's. Google requires you to pay a 30% fee for in app purchases. Google also requires developers to use Google's payment system for in app purchases. On top of all that, Google also offers its own steaming music service, just like Apple.


According to our source, Google allows Spotify to offer a choice of payment methods. Likewise, this person said, Google doesn't prevent Spotify directing its customers to buy a premium subscription through its website, rather than through the app.

So Google does everything Apple does, except it allows developers to redirect their users to a website to subscribe.


Spotify is taking Apple to EU competition court | iMore

I agree with everything Rene is saying in this post.


You Give Apps Sensitive Personal Information. Then They Tell Facebook. - WSJ

Sam Schechner and Mark Secada writing for The Wall Street Journal

In the Journal's testing, Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor, the most popular heart-rate app on Apple's iOS, made by California-based Azumio Inc., sent a user's heart rate to Facebook immediately after it was recorded.


Flo Health Inc.'s Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker, which claims 25 million active users, told Facebook when a user was having her period or informed the app of an intention to get pregnant, the tests showed.


Real-estate app, owned by Move Inc., a subsidiary of Wall Street Journal parent News Corp, sent the social network the location and price of listings that a user viewed, noting which ones were marked as favorites, the tests showed.

One thing the article didn't doesn't explain is, what do the apps get out of this? Do they get paid by Facebook for each piece of data they send? If not, why do they do it? Is it just negligence about what the SDK is doing?


I hope Shortcuts adds more actions for Apple Notes.